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Architectural Digest № 2 (201) February 2021

"Second wind: sculptures by architect Peter Zaytsev.

Architect Peter Zaytsev tries himself in a new role and creates bronze, concrete and wood sculptures.

The architect Peter Zaytsev (we know him from the projects of za bor architects) changed his role and chose a new form of creative self-expression - sculpture. “I wanted to find a niche where I could not depend on anyone,” he says. Peter converted his wife's dressing room into a workshop and began experimenting with materials. In his portfolio, which has been collected over two years, you can see works made of bronze, concrete and wood.

Zaytsev developed the concrete casting technology himself, while the wood in his art pieces is upcycled from wooden pallets. “I am passionate about recycling. We've been sorting all of our recyclables at home for years,” says the architect. The owners of MORE SPA Hotel in Alushta were also passionate about recycling: they commissioned two 7 ft sculptures from Peter, which he is building using upcycled materials like wooden pallets and plastic."


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